Mazi Muhlari

Interview with Mazi Muhlari

Mazi Muhlari is an entrepreneur, web consultant & developer with over 4 years’s experience currently located in Pretoria.

Fresnel Acoustic Diffraction

One way to detect both occlusion and obstruction is to construct a series of vectors from the emitter to the listener. If none of the vectors can get to the listener without passing through another object first, it’s occlusion. If some people f the vectors get through, then it’s obstruction. Finally, if all of the […]


Commutative, Distributive and Associative

A an awesome link with cool illustrations of the differences between commutative, distributive and associative laws. Link

Tip: Android Development & Signing

Mazi Muhlari
Xamarin Application Developers

Xamarin: True Cross Platform Mobile Development

It has been almost a year and a few weeks since I last wrote a blog entry and I think something new and refreshing is due! In todays article I am going to tackle I subject that I last touched on in my last post regarding cross platform mobile application development, except this time we […]

Android Image

Tutorial: Creating An Android Virtual Device In Eclipse

When building your applications you will need to test how they behave when there is user interaction. There are two ways in which you can do this.

Android Image

Tutorial: Creating Your First Android Application

Android is currently the leading mobile smartphone platform in terms of devices that make up the mobile smartphone environment at the moment.


Tutorial: Building Your First REST Web API II

So what exactly is rest? REST is a set of architectural principles or, more casually put, a “style” of designing large scale networked applications.

Command Event

Eureka: The Difference Between A Command And Event

Commands and Events are both Messages. But they are in fact separate concepts, and concepts should be modeled explicitly.


Tutorial: Building Your First REST Web API I

HTTP is a synchronous request and response based application network protocol that is widely used on the web today.