Mazi Muhlari

Interview with Mazi Muhlari

Mazi Muhlari is an entrepreneur, web consultant & developer with over 4 years’s experience currently located in Pretoria.

Link: AngularJS and MVC Single Page Application (SPA) with Azure

Thinking of implementing a single page application application? Here is a link to a comprehensive tutorial that shows you how to set one up from scratch link.

Android Studio

Assimilating to IntelliJ IDEA

One of the most difficult things for a developer to do is alter their workflow or how they develop their applications as this is normally a process that has been refined over time to maximise efficiency and productivity. I recently went back to native Android development to find that the IDE of choice had been […]

Quake Source Code

Book Review – Game Programming Algorithms and Techniques

To say that this is one of the best Game Programming Paradigm books I have ever read would be an understatement. Where this book clearly excels is the fact that most of the code within the book, whether it be for samples or to explain a particular concept, is written in pseudocode. The book claims […]

Text Adventure Game

Book Review – Learn C++ for Game Development

So recently I took on the challenge of building a game and decided to take on C++ as the language of choice for developing the game. Mainly for portability and also because out of all the languages I know it is the one I work with the least. The book Learn C++ for Game Development provides excellent […]

Game Development Diary – Our Game World

Our game is set in the 19th century in South Africa but in an alternate universe filled with creatures and magic. Heroes Our hero, who can be from one of 9 tribes, is on a mission to become the best wizard or witch in the land. In order to accomplish this feat our hero has […]

Game Development Diary – The Beginning

I am finally going to do it! Just like most developers and programmers, I will admit that at some point (mostly the beginning of my programming days) I thought by now I would have a working gaming title that I would be able to show off to my friends or have in my portfolio. That […]

Link: Spring MVC 4 Rest Tutorial

Here is a link to help you get started implementing a Spring MVC REST application link.

The 4 Levels of Software Engineering

While searching the internet for a general idea of what constituted a mid level to senior developer I came across this awesome answer on Stackoverflow. I think that this 4 tier grading matrix gives a very rough but almost precise stick from which to measure developer skill set. What do you think and where do […]

Fresnel Acoustic Diffraction

One way to detect both occlusion and obstruction is to construct a series of vectors from the emitter to the listener. If none of the vectors can get to the listener without passing through another object first, it’s occlusion. If some people f the vectors get through, then it’s obstruction. Finally, if all of the […]


Commutative, Distributive and Associative

A an awesome link with cool illustrations of the differences between commutative, distributive and associative laws. Link